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$19.99 per lb
$18.99 per lb
$13.99 per lb$12.99 per lb
$18.99 per lb
$19.99 per lb
$7.99 per lb

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Porterhouse Steak   $19.99 per lb
Ribeye Steak   $18.99 per lb
NY Strip Steak   $18.99 per lb
T-bone Steak   $19.99 per lb
Sirloin Steak   $12.99 per lb
Tenderloin (call for availability) $30.00 per lb
Beef Cutletts   $10.99 per lb
Ground Sirloin   $8.99 per lb
Chuck Roast   $8.99 per lb
Rump Roast   $9.99 per lb
Beef Stew Meat   $10.99 per lb
Ground Beef Grassfed burger-making perfection. $7.99 per lb
Skirt Steak (call for availability) $9.99 per lb
Flank (call for availability) $9.99 per lb
Brisket (call for availability) $9.99 per lb
Short Ribs   $6.99 per lb
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